Give from the Heart Campaign | LifeSouth Community Blood Centers

We released this campaign in winter when blood donations become increasingly difficult to recruit. We sought to encourage giving around the holidays and garner social media interaction with custom-made dry erase boards asking “Why do you #giveblood?”.

Give from the Heart Campaign | LifeSouth Community Blood Center
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Local Lifesaver Campaign | LifeSouth Community Blood Centers

We released this campaign in spring and encouraged blood donors to become local lifesavers. It included donor t-shirts and stories about donors of diverse backgrounds who were united by saving lives.

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High School Campaign | LifeSouth Community Blood Centers

The challenge with a campaign geared toward high school students is using language that appeals to that demographic, while also getting buy in from teachers and school administrators. We have found a major motivation for high school donations is the ability to get out of class, something teachers don’t generally like to advertise.

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Bleed for your Team | LifeSouth Community Blood Centers

Bleed for you Team is one of our most popular campaigns and happens during football season each year. Donors have a choice of 7 t-shirts; University of Florida, Florida State, University of South Florida, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, University of Alabama, or Auburn University. This campaign encourages collegiate involvement through competition between schools and student organizations. Students and alumni proudly bleed for their teams and our local patients reap the benefits.

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